Critical changes in hiring —your future is at risk

The integration of technology into current hiring practices has brought about a critical change that every jobseeker (employed or not) must integrate into both short and long-term strategy. I’ve been calling it your Gold Standard. What is it? When new positions open up or are created in a business, hiring…continue

Attention Boomers: Are Jobs Coming?

Attention Boomers: Are Jobs Coming? You WILL get a job…If Boomer Jobseekers are struggling mightily with the perception that they are obsolete and their career is over, done, finis. It’s a myth, a lie, a sham. It is a shame that so many boomer-jobseekers believe this cruel deception. Living the…


The top concern of jobseekers: Will my next workplace be toxic?
…here’s how to find out.

With the changes in the job market over the last ten years and the entrance of Gen Y into the employment scene, I am working with people from every conceivable background, industry, role, and from every age group. The youngest person I’ve worked with was in the 8th grade. His…continue

Still UNDER-employed and don’t know how to move?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, if you are under-employed, you are in a lot of company. I didn’t write that you are in “good” company because everyone I know that’s under-employed is frustrated at the very least. If you are among this audience, being frustrated seems reasonable to…continue

How to Best Judge Your Job Search Success

…what every jobseeker should learn from these millennials. This week, a group of millennials brought the most illuminating information about managing their jobsearch. This quartet banned together as a team and they meet each week for an hour. They discuss the challenges of the week and pool their intellects and…continue