Marcia LaReau

How to design a fail-proof — 100% guaranteed — jobsearch

…It’s what everyone is missing. Jobsearch: now a household presence Have you noticed that “the jobsearch” now has a place in (probably) every household in America? Yes, this is conjecture, but I propose that it highly likely that in every household in America there is someone who is: Looking for…continue

How To Finish Strong in Your Job Search

It’s your full time job now. As a jobseeker, you’ve heard that “Finding a job is your full-time job!” and “You are a business and you have to market yourself that way.” I relate to both of those. Seven years ago when I started Forward Motion, I knew how to…continue

8 Steps That Will Get You Hired

The Job Seeker’s Success Formula Success is a process Athletes will likely agree with me that developing skill, building technique, taking care of their body and mind requires daily care. Proper routine becomes a critical factor in their success. Professional musicians are no different and each one can relate unique…continue

This Formula Gets You Hired Every Time.

A formula? Really? …every time? Yes, this blog is about the formula that will win you a job offer. After jobseekers get hired they sometimes say something like, “Yep, the stars were aligned and everything fell into place.” But how do we get the stars aligned? That sounds more like…continue

Global jobs crisis: The collapse of Moore’s Law: 6 amazing inventions – Part 7

[cleveryoutube video=”-bNj72n8mQk” vidstyle=”1″ pic=”” afterpic=”” width=”” quality=”inherit” starttime=”” endtime=”” caption=”” showexpander=”off” alignment=”left” newser=””]   Managing change in the 2014-2020 Workplace – Organizational Change News Video 8 continues here And the easiest thing about this … And I’m going to give it to you in just a second in terms of what…