COVID-19: 10 Must-dos for every jobseeker
Marcia LaReau and Neil Patrick

During COVID-19, as many people lose their jobs, there are 10 “Must Do” Actions for every jobseeker. I have collaborated with Neil Patrick, and together we offer the following list of critical actions for every person who wants to work. Wether you have been furloughed, or your employer or business…continue

Surveillance Capitalism: How to protect your career

Surveillance Capitalism is moving quicker than anyone thought. Are you up to date on how your career will be changed by Surveillance Capitalism? If not, please watch this short VLOG. Also consider these links: Neil Patrick Career survival in the age of surveillance capitalism Shoshana Zuboff The Age of Surveillance…continue

JOB SEEKER ALERT —You are being stalked!

Have you heard of Surveillance Capitalism? How about the fourth industrial revolution? This is where we are living…right now. According to Neil Patrick’s blog, Participate or Perish, we are now the most sought-after product in the universe. If you haven’t read his blog, I suggest you rearrange your calendar and…continue

Careermageddon is here… are you ready?

We continue to face challenges brought about by the Great Recession. Many people find themselves wondering if they will again be without a job. Other people I talk to have already found that their unemployment status is disrupted by bouts of temporary employment. Is this what they can expect for…continue

Giving Thanks…gratitude from my heart

It’s Thanksgiving week. I hope I give thanks each day, however, I particularly enjoy the week of Thanksgiving and the focus on thinking through the year and counting my blessings. Clients! From a professional perspective, I am always grateful for my clients. The jobsearch is a treacherous undertaking. With rare…continue

Is the C-Suite the new sweat-shop? …And why it matters to you! —Part 2

OR: How to find a great company by evaluating the CEO! Changes to the role and demands on CEOs matter to every employee in the company, entry-level to top strategists. It also matters to every jobseeker who is considering an offer from a company. Part I of this blog, introduced…continue

Is the C-Suite the new sweat-shop? …And why it matters to you! – Part 1

Watching career trends is one of the most important activities for every jobseeker. This isn’t just for those who are looking for their next job, but also the job after that and the one after that. As we move deeper into the global, technology-driven economy and as we engage in…continue