Holiday Business Parties: the best opportunities of the year!

The holiday season is filled with business events that materialize from every direction. Sometimes these are formal affairs and the jobseeker has the advantage of planning for the event. Sometimes the “holiday party with business colleagues” can be an impromptu, unexpected gathering at a restaurant, mall or other public venue….continue

The Number One Deadliest Mistake that Most Jobseekers Make

This common mistake consistently kills a jobsearch even before it has begun. I believe that many jobsearches never truly recover from the damage caused by this devastating error. At best the damage extends the jobsearch by four to six months. * * * John (not his real name) gets the…continue

8 Steps That Will Get You Hired

The Job Seeker’s Success Formula Success is a process Athletes will likely agree with me that developing skill, building technique, taking care of their body and mind requires daily care. Proper routine becomes a critical factor in their success. Professional musicians are no different and each one can relate unique…continue

Job Search Made Simple

How to troubleshoot your job search. Troubleshooting your job search is the number one most critical action item for each week. No one is likely to tell you what you are doing wrong and even if they did, it doesn’t mean that their advice will help you. What might help…continue

Job Security: Two Key Factors You Can Control

Unemployed jobseekers routinely tell me that they have two concerns about their future. The first is about job security. The second is the fear of being stuck in a job they dislike. About 30% of the people I work with are currently employed and are looking to change jobs. Their…continue