Under-employment: Is it permanent?

Underemployment is a consideration for many jobseekers. Once unemployment benefits have been exhausted and resources are close to being depleted, underemployment may become an urgent necessity. Making the decision… The decision—to pursue underemployment—may have a deep emotional toll on the jobseeker and his or her family. It can reinforce thoughts…continue

How to Beat Long-Term Unemployment

The media coverage has been frustrating because unemployment has been dropped from their coverage. The focus of international news focused on the Middle East, the lunar eclipse, and the Nobel Peace Prize. Domestic news included worries about new terrorist attacks, the Ebola virus, the upcoming elections, new concerns about the…continue

How Unemployment Has Changed the U.S.

I’m writing this on Memorial Day Weekend. We commemorate the people who have died to preserve our country’s freedom. Even during this time of the Great Recession, I am grateful that I live here in the United States. Do we commemorate or celebrate? Many of us will participate in family…continue

When and How to Change Your Career

Change. It’s everywhere now. And is sure seems like many people are struggling to keep up. Many jobseekers are in shock as entire industries change dramatically because of technology. Some jobs and even entire industries are disappearing completely. People are scrambling to figure out how to repurpose their skills sets…continue


Underemployment: Is it an option?  Underemployment is a consideration for most jobseekers. Sometimes, it is a necessity. If you are underemployed, you may first think, “This isn’t so bad.” The job might seem easy compared to what you used to do. The hours might be less and the tasks might…