Marcia LaReau

How to design a fail-proof — 100% guaranteed — jobsearch

…It’s what everyone is missing. Jobsearch: now a household presence Have you noticed that “the jobsearch” now has a place in (probably) every household in America? Yes, this is conjecture, but I propose that it highly likely that in every household in America there is someone who is: Looking for…continue

The Stigma of Long-term Unemployment…
…and Yet Another Round of Ageism

Age and being without a job are the double whammy of unemployment. There’s good news. Being long-term unemployed is a manageable situation. From the perspective of hiring professionals there are three concerns that will prevent you from being hired. You can prove that you are relevant by managing these three…continue

Could A Lateral Move Be Your Best Friend?

A lateral move has traditionally been viewed, by hiring professionals, as a negative career strategy. Such a tactic usually raises concerns that the individual wasn’t proactive in his or her career. Perhaps they weren’t competent in their former position and couldn’t get anything “higher”. Regardless of the reality, a lateral…continue

Is the C-Suite the new sweat-shop? …And why it matters to you! —Part 2

OR: How to find a great company by evaluating the CEO! Changes to the role and demands on CEOs matter to every employee in the company, entry-level to top strategists. It also matters to every jobseeker who is considering an offer from a company. Part I of this blog, introduced…continue

The Number One Deadliest Mistake that Most Jobseekers Make

This common mistake consistently kills a jobsearch even before it has begun. I believe that many jobsearches never truly recover from the damage caused by this devastating error. At best the damage extends the jobsearch by four to six months. * * * John (not his real name) gets the…continue

Under-employment: Is it permanent?

Underemployment is a consideration for many jobseekers. Once unemployment benefits have been exhausted and resources are close to being depleted, underemployment may become an urgent necessity. Making the decision… The decision—to pursue underemployment—may have a deep emotional toll on the jobseeker and his or her family. It can reinforce thoughts…continue